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Sneaky Amazon Purchase Venture


Hello all!
Im new to this forum. And am very happy to have joined you all. Maybe I can get some good ideas/answers to this potential profiting idea that has presented itself to me as of recently.

Heres the layout. I have gained access to an amazon prime account. I have the username and password. Along with most of the users information. Including full name, address, DOB, email, and more. And anything i dont have on hand I can potentially get through some clever social engineering. I also have access to the users email address. I know the account is used very frequently almost daily. With purchases being bought all the time.

This is my goal. Im trying to make a one item purchase. A surface pro tablet of some sorts or sonething equivalent. Im thinkning less than $300. Thats all im trying toaquire out of all of this. I kno there is potential for much more but i am not trying to do anythn more than that. For one i dont kno how amazon works with someone claiming they didnt make a specific purchase, ande wether they would have to pay out of there own pocket or if amazon would end up covering it.

My thoughts are as follows. What i think should be done is to somehow mask myself as an outside random attacker. And look as if i somehow gained access to the account through whatever means. And make the purchase of the tablet. That way amazon would see that it wasnt the user that made the purchase. And the user would just see that there was an item bought that they didnt buy. And they would end up filing a fraudulent purchase or whatever it may be called. And hopefully amazon would accept the claim and refund the account. While hopefully i would have my package in my hands or at least on the way.

These are the questions i have.
-How would i go about masking myself to look like a random outside hacker to amazon and the user while simultaneously remaining completely anonymous and totally safe from being tracked and identified whatsoever?
-Is buying the one item the best plan? Or is there some other method of maybe getting a gift card online from them and making the purchase elsewhere?
-Should i make multiple purchases to make it harder for them to track? -I am pretty sure the user might get updates to their mobile of purchases and shipping info. I can get access to the email. But if i make the purchase how can i go about making sure the item get delivered before the user can report it and amazon cancels it?
-Is there certain times of day that r better? I figure doing rush shipping is best.
-If i can somehow manage to place the order anonymously, manage to somehow prevent the user from seeing the purchase long enough for me to get the package, how would i go about actually getting the package physically?
-I think there is a security where if i do the buy it now on prime i cant add a different address. If i can, then whatever address i put down wouldnt the user be able to see the where its being shipped to?
-Since me and the user live in the same city, what would my best method be to get the item without looking to suspicious?
-Is there some method of maybe shipping it to some other state and then having it shipped to me?

So far thats my thought on everything. Im sure i left out some critical details or something of the sort. If so just ask and i will do my best to provide whatever i can. I really hope i can make this happen. I figuredbi would go to what ive been told is the #1 place to go to to ask these kinds of questions. I appreciate all the help you all can offer.
Thank You.