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TUTORIAL [FULL GUIDE] How To Get Your First Viral Video On YouTube & Reach 100k Subs 2022


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First of all I am not creating this thread to promote any of my services. I am just sharing a few of my favorite tactics to use on YouTube.

People love to make YouTube complicated. Here go a screenshot of a Reddit post I saw of someone giving advice for starters with 18 bullet points! Best Darkweb Carding Forum and Hacking Forum

Sure some of those things work, but if you try to focus on all of those things at once, especially as a starter, you WILL get overwhelmed.

Now, what if I told you there is a much easier way to scale on YouTube?

Instead of focusing on 18+ different things, you should focus on 3 things instead.

These three things are

1. Trends
2. Video Series
3. Clickbait

I'll explain each one, then we will put them all together.

I love using trends because these are topics people are currently interested in. If you can get into a trend early enough or right when it's hot, you can send a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel. This is key for exponential growth.

Video Series

Almost all successful YouTube channels have a video series in place. Before we break down what a video series is, let's compare it to "traditional posting".



As you can see on the right, Traditional posting is where you upload different types of videos under different video structures. Most people including starters start post to YouTube doing this, but there is a problem.

The problem is time.

You see, a lot of time goes into traditional posting. Let me break it down for you.

1 Brainstorming: First you have to brainstorm video ideas. For some this may take minutes, others may take days.

2 Preparing: Preparing takes time too. For some, this might require running to the store to purchase props or equipment. You may have to drive to a certain destination or schedule time to find guests.

3 Shooting: Sometimes when shooting your video, you may mess up so you have to film it again. Or maybe the idea seemed stupid so you have to start from square 1 again. Or even worse, your missing a prop so you have to figure out a way to "wing it".

4 Editing: This one is different for everyone but for some, editing might take you only 30 minutes. Others may take up to 10 hours.

Now obviously, I listed the worst-case scenario outcomes above, but think about it. Whenever you tried out a new/different video idea or setup, didn't you come across ALOT of setbacks just to figure things out?

This is the issue with traditional posting. It just takes too much time which is why you can only focus on quality or quantity. You cannot have both when using traditional posting.

What about video series?
A video series is where you use the same/similar video setup for each video. All you need to do is switch out the topic/subject.

When you first start a video series, you will run into the same problems you'll get with traditional posting. But after 3-5 videos, things should start getting easier and you will be able to systemize things.

Having systems on YouTube is key, because it allows you to post high quality video in mass without sacrificing quality.

I will show you how to setup your video series to get viral videos later in this thread. Let me quickly go over clickbait.


Good VS Bad clickbait
Good clickbait

Good clickbait is when you show something in your thumbnails/title & when people click to watch your video, you actually show it to them.

This is good clickbait. The reason why good clickbait works so well is because of the law of reciprocity. If you do something good unto someone, they will most likely return the favor back. On YouTube, people normally do this by liking, commenting or even subscribing. In some cases, people will go and binge-watch all of your videos. These are all the benefits of good click-baiting.

Why do you think Mr. Beast is so popular? He uses good clickbait!

Bad clickbait is doing the opposite of this. Bad clickbait leads to more dislikes, high drop off rates, and bad comments.

Putting Together The Puzzle Pieces
Now that we have gone over the three things you should be focused on, I'm now going to show you how to put together the pieces to grow your channel exponentially.

Building Our Video Series
When it comes to running video series on YouTube, you generally want to have at least 3 - 5 series.

If you only run 1 video series, people will get bored and will eventually stop watching it.

What I want you to do now is brainstorm 3 - 5 video series ideas you can run for your YouTube channel.
Here go an example from Jubilee.


Here go more examples






Do not skip this step until it is complete.

After you are done brainstorming your video series idea, you now want to create a list of different video ideas. This is where you want to place your trends at. The more trendy videos you post, you're chances of getting a viral video goes up exponentially.

Here go some examples below.



After you are done doing this, you want to apply some level of GOOD click-baiting to these video before you upload them. This will help make your video stand out and improve CTR to make your video go viral.

After that, you just keep posting until you get your first viral video. I've used this method since 2015 and it still works for me today.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this tutorial & apologies for any spelling errors. I will update this thread as time goes by.
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