[tut]Free VPN with Betternet No Logging!!

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    Free VPN with Betternet

    Betternet does not collect, log, store, share any identifiable personal information of Users. Betternet may
    collect the times when connected to their Service and the total amount of data transferred per day. Betternet
    stores this to be able to deliver the best possible network experience to you.

    Your surfing is private and safe. When you disconnect from Betternet servers there is no warranty to be secure
    and safe yet. All the consequences are at your own risk.

    I have personally used betternet for years. No need to change certificates or password every so many days. Very simple
    to use.

    VirusTotal Scan Results: 0/56

    Betternet v2.6 Setup.zip = CLICK HERE for results


    1. Install Betternet CLICK HERE

    2.After install click connect. Minimize. Small icon will go to systray and if shes smilling you are good to go!
    betternet will install a TAP adapter and all internet traffic will go through to the VPN server and all information
    is secure.

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    The installation page doesn't open on my device
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